Malaysian Concept

The idea of Malaysian Garden is to create a world-class tropical garden concept which is rich in cultures and diverse traditions for your garden for home. It was previously known as the widely famed Neo Nusantara. It was born out of a love for nature and also to create a world-class garden concept to call our own. Neo Nusantara literally means "New Malay Archipelago" . Therefore, it represents the new tradition of artistry in Malaysia which is the evolution of art and craft deriving from the Malay-Sumatra-Borneo archipelago.

Our multi-racial culture is rich in art and craft. Our concept of garden represents a melting pot of various traditions which blends a collective sense of our history and identity. We should design landscapes that reflect our rich multi-racial culture instead of adopting the garden designs of other countries. A Malaysian garden must reflect a tropical theme and ideally demonstrate the harmonious fusion of various cultures – Malay, Chinese and Indian.

Malaysian Garden design is more than just a concept or a garden. It is NOT about the style of furniture or pergola. It is NOT just a garden made by wood. It is an outdoor living space. It is the lifestyle that we promote that makes it Malaysian. It is a sanctuary and a place where you can rejuvenate your sense of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste (The 5 Senses). This separates Malaysian garden from any other garden concept in the world. It isn't only about beauty and grandeur. It aims to harness pleasure from Mother Nature. Think of the peace from the balance of the nature that you can enjoy. Think of it as a perfect counter-balance to indoor comforts.