Malaysia Garden

Malaysian Garden is more like an outdoor room where the sky is your ceiling; lattice with creepers or tall trees are your walls; and sand or grass is your carpet. It promotes outdoor living activities. Imagine a place where you can entertain guests, sit and chat with family or friends in a garden party, or just relax on your own. We enhance your garden design with 5 senses which included sight, touch, sound, smell and taste. You can see the beauty of nature from the design; touch and feel the grass and refreshing cold water; the sound of water, bird chipping in the air can further calm your soul; smell the aroma and fragrant of the greens and flower. What about a family candlelit dinner in your outdoor garden? You can also lie down beside the gurgling fountain and gaze at the evening sky.

It's an exciting new design concept that creates an outdoor living space within your garden. You can turn it into an living area, for recreation or dining, and it's all outdoors. Gardens must breathe life into people. Otherwise, it is just a pretty but dead space.

Malaysian Garden is created by Malaysians for Malaysians and people around the world to savor the nature and culture at the comfort of your home. Furthermore, it enhances your senses, reminds you that you can enjoy the simplicity of life within your own home. It is affordable, customized to fit even the smallest of gardens and creates a distinct "fairytale" look with local flavor.

Today, the Malaysian Garden is beginning to embrace outdoor living due to the abundance of nature, especially in our homes. The combination of nature with man-made creativity is synonymous with the beauty of Malaysian Garden. The Malaysian Garden is actually emphasizes about getting yourselves blend into the world of nature and at the same time, you get to feel and relax along with the 5 senses we will provide. As Desmond Ho said "A home is not a home when you are not enjoying the balance between indoor and outdoor living areas."