5 Senses


The first sense that you awaken is sight when you walk into a Malaysian Garden. Green is easy to the eyes, and soothes frayed nerves. The contrast of wood against stone, water against earth, and green throughout is beautiful. Lots of green shrubs and plants, complemented by cool earthly colors of wood, lighting floods, and terracotta, make for a rejuvenating garden.


The touch of cold water is refreshing. Do you feel good when your bare feet touches the grass? Let your hand drift lazily in the pond, snuggle cozily on the cool wooden decking, or get comfortable atop the timber bench.


To further calm your soul, you need to achieve the right pitch and volume of natural sound. Thus, if you are meditating or collecting your thoughts, nothing works better than the sound of water trickling unto the pond surface, bird chirping in the air, or leaves rustling in the gentle breeze.


Add in the fragrant aroma of certain flowering plants or spice shrubs. They help to stir your senses when the wind carries a whiff from tropical fragrant plants, local flowers, or derive pleasure from the smell of spice plants.


Plant some serai wangi, daun pandan, or cili padi in pots around your garden. Include them in your cooking. Have a picnic with your family and entertain your friends outdoor. The right company and beautiful setting will surely enhance the pleasure of your meal.