Company Profile

Company Background

The Terra Garden is the forefront of Malaysia's landscape architecture industry, with supporting roles in horticulture and biotechnology to help achieve its business aims.

Its core business is designing and building Malaysian-themed landscapes targeted at residential and public premises through its award-winning Neo Nusantara brand.

With its unique design philosophy that emphasizes beauty and pleasure in all its projects, Terra Garden is actively introducing the concept of Malaysian Garden also known as Neo Nusantara to the world.

In addition, Terra Garden, a Bionexus-status company, has invested heavily into biotech-related research.

The Terra Garden Group comprises as the following:
- Terra Garden Sdn. Bhd.
- Neo Nusantara Sdn Bhd
- Terra Garden Biotech Sdn. Bhd

Our History

Like most success stories, there is always a history of a humble beginning. 

1991: Terra Garden today started off as Garden Mart Centre. Its business then was selling terrariums, or miniature gardens in glass containers. It was the vision of the founder, Desmond Ho, to set up Malaysia's biggest and most extensive garden center.

1998: With a rapidly growing gardening industry and sound management, Garden Mart Centre was converted into a private limited company.

2000 (October): Terra Garden reached a milestone by setting up the country's largest garden center, launching its Neo Nusantara range of garden designs.

At the heart of Terra Garden, however, is the core belief of creating a garden design with a distinctive Malaysia identity. Its pride and joy is the Malaysian Garden (Neo Nusantara) concept, a method of creating gardens featuring art and craft based on Malaysian culture.